Posted by Anna Nicholls on 16-Jul-2020 16:57:38

5 benefits of colocation


Colocation - often referred to as colo - is when you rent space in a data centre, rather than keeping your equipment on-premise. Servers, storage, switches, software... you provide the kit, and they provide the space, power, rack and connectivity.

But why? What are the benefits?

Better connectivity
Data centres will offer fully redundant connectivity through a wide range of carriers. At TeleData we offer access to all the major network providers using multiple ducts and fibre entry points into our facility. This means we can offer you complete flexibility, and you’re free to choose from a wide range of carriers competing on performance, service and price.

We also operate our own fibre network between various high profile data centre locations across the UK, so if your performance requirements are high, you can rely on instant access to high-capacity service provision.

Improved security
It is highly unlikely that the security in your business premises will match that of a data centre. Our ISO27001 data centre boasts some of the most sophisticated security in Europe, with an on-site police-linked, NSI Gold Approved, BS5979 certified control room and alarm receiving centre and a combination of biometric access controls; virtual tripwires; visitor turnstiles and man-traps, and full-height perimeter fencing to provide multiple layers of security. This means that businesses can achieve compliance with regulations such as ISO, which would be difficult to achieve in-house.

Resilience and redundancy
Data centres take every precaution necessary to ensure that they don’t go offline. Contingency against powercuts is paramount. Data centres feed directly off the National Grid, through multiple grids with redundancy through generators and battery backups. At TeleData, we boast 2(N+N) UPS redundancy, a 2MW smart energy battery storage system and standby diesel generation that can provide power for at least 100 hours in the event of an extended mains outage.

Burstability and Scalability 
Data centres give businesses the flexibility to burst to higher bandwidth levels to accommodate traffic demand, without capital investments. You can scale up and down quickly, with reduced bandwidth costs due to distributed data spikes, far more quickly and easily than you could with an on-premise infrastructure. Colocation also allows you to expand your infrastructure to fit the needs of your company’s growth without having to take on capital expenditures. If your company grows, your IT infrastructure can expand to support it quickly and with less investment.

Reduced TCO
You have total control of your network with colocation, but with a reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to on-premise. With colocation, services are consumed in increments, and can be incorporated into a solution quickly and cost effectively. For example, powering and cooling servers is expensive, but with colo you’re using the data centre’s power, at a much lower cost due to economies of scale.

If you’d like to find out more about colocation, or visit our facility for a tour of our data centres, you can get in touch with us here.

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Written by Anna Nicholls