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5 handy tools that'll help you understand your data centre needs

5 handy tools that'll help you understand your data centre needs

Looking to get a better understanding of your data centre power and cooling needs, or to work out how much you can expect to pay for your next infrastructure upgrade? Sometimes you don’t want to break out the hardware manuals or get stuck into the latest whitepaper from a big-name brand – you just want a simple calculator that’ll put a concrete number to your data centre needs.

With that in mind, here are five of the best free tools we’ve found online.

The Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor

Using Dell hardware? The Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor (and earlier Data Center Capacity Planner) – is a comprehensive tool for planning and fine-tuning your server racks for optimal efficiency. You can also save your configurations to review and edit at a later date (or print out copies to reference in your next meeting).

Data Center Efficiency Calculator

Schneider Electric’s Data Center Efficiency Calculator is another feature-rich tool, this time intended for measuring the PUE of your infrastructure. It accounts for UPS, redundancy, cooling and various data centre design considerations. Requires Flash.

The Complete Data Center Build vs Buy Calculator

Intel and Expedient’s Cloud Calculator isn’t just one tool, but a set of eight, all designed to help on-the-fence IT professionals decide whether cloud, colocation or on-premises infrastructure is easiest on their pockets. This one, the Data Center Build vs Buy Calculator, compares the cost of an internal data centre against an estimate for Tier 3 colocation space.

(In the market for a new colocation facility? Download the service provider's  guide to choosing a data centre.)

Backup Capacity Calculator

One of the reasons a lot of organisations look towards colocation or cloud services is for business continuity planning. If you’re looking to back up your data (or, if you’re an IT service provider, your customers’ data), the Backup Capacity Calculator from is a good place to start. You’ll also find a ton of other calculators, converters and handy tools on the same website.

Downtime Cost Calculator

Finally, here’s one that might take a degree of bravery to use, so grit your teeth when you try out Storagepipe’s Downtime Cost Calculator. It’s designed to demonstrate, in real time, the financial costs of an unplanned outage. It’s not complex, but it’s thought-provoking – and, as alluded to above, more than a little scary if your current business continuity plan is in need of some TLC.

Want more resources to help your business choose a data centre for colocation? If you’re an IT service provider or other B2B tech company, you may find our new whitepaper has the information you need.

FREE download: The service provider's guide to choosing a data centre >

FREE whitepaper: The service provider's guide to choosing a data centre

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