Posted by Anna Nicholls on 19-Jun-2020 13:02:28

60 seconds with Anna...


Each month, we'll be grabbing 60 seconds with a different member of the TeleData Team, and finding out their thoughts on all things tech.

We're starting with our marketing manager, Anna, who reminisces about Manic Miner and is truly fascinated by Elon Musk... 

What was the first job role to land you on your tech career ladder? 
1st line tech support for IBM in 2002.

Describe your typical day at TeleData in no more than 20 words
Making lots of noise about what we do, and what makes us different. 

Best thing about working in tech?
It’s fast changing, innovative and exciting to be a part of.

Worst thing about working in tech?
Keeping up with all the changes! An interesting, yet never-ending task. 

Which one piece of technology could you not live without?
It’s a challenge to choose just one! But as a busy working mum, i’ll have to go stereotypical and say that I couldn’t live without my washer/dryer! 

Which one piece of technology would you ditch into room 101?
I don’t believe in tech failures, so long as we learn and improve. However, I was once given a pocket scanner which was pretty useless and rarely worked. Why would anybody want to scan their pocket? 😉

Best tech innovation of the last 12 months?
Way too many to choose from! Developments in medical technology are critical - remote health monitoring devices driven by biometrics and AI are providing some real breakthroughs in the way doctors treat patients, making care more effective and efficient and improving quality of life.

Who’s your tech hero?
Elon Musk fascinates me. I literally can't stop watching to see what he does next. His innovations could really change the future. But I think i’d have to say that my tech hero is Alan Turing. 

Apple or Android?
Team Android! I’ve only ever owned one Apple product, which was a iPod Nano. 

What was your first ever games console, and your favourite game?
A Sinclair ZX Spectrum. As a kid I must have spent days and days on my favourite game - Manic Miner. That music!

Describe Team TeleData in 3 words  
Helpful, positive, together. 


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Written by Anna Nicholls