Posted by Anna Nicholls on 03-Aug-2020 10:28:34

60 seconds with Dean...


Once a month, we catch up with a different member of the TeleData Team to find out their thoughts on all things tech.

This month we caught up with Dean, our Head of Technology and found out how he got into the tech industry, who his tech hero is and what piece of kit he'd ditch into Room 101.

What was the first job role to land you on your tech career ladder?
Volunteering as a computer/electronic engineer in a small retail shop in 2006.

Describe your typical day at TeleData in no more than 20 words.
A few hours fixing things and the rest of the time researching, designing and building the next project.

Best thing about working in tech?
Working in a field that I’m passionate about.

Worst thing about working in tech?
I have two; people wanting you to fix their computer all the time, that’s not even my job when I’m at work. But I’ll still do it. And the second is the face I have when someone tells me they use the same password for everything.

Editor's note: (we think we know which face he means, it's this one isn't it, Dean?) 😅

Which one piece of technology could you not live without?

There are lots of bits of tech I could not live without, but the winner has to be a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Which one piece of technology would you ditch into Room 101?
Landline phones, I don’t understand why people below a certain age still have them.

Best tech innovation of the last 12 months?
From a quick Google it has to be Langogo’s translator. I know translators exist on smartphones etc., but this can do it in less than a second and when the planet is more connected than it has ever been language barriers shouldn't be a reason not to talk to someone. Plus, what Star Trek fan wouldn't want a universal translator.

Who’s your tech hero?
Joe Baguley (VMware's Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EMEA). I have seen many of Joe’s talks and he’s very inspiring, motivating and thought provoking, but anyone who can talk about kittens and chickens and relate it to servers and virtualisation is a hero to me.

Apple or Android?
A few years ago I was very pro Android, but now I don’t think it really matters. They both do the same thing in almost the same way.

What was your first ever games console, and your favourite game?
Growing up we had a Super Nintendo in the house, but my first console was a jointly owned PlayStation and the game of choice, Spider-Man. Although my favourite game of all time has to be Dead Space, that game goes in the freezer.

Describe Team TeleData in 3 words
Caring, passionate, dedicated.

Written by Anna Nicholls