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60 seconds with...Dan

Dan Akister - Digital Marketing Manager

Every month, we catch up with a different member of the Teledata Team to find out their thoughts on all things tech.

This month we caught up with the newest member of our team, Dan, who couldn't live without his Fitbit,  but has some harsh words to say about electric scooters...

What was the first job role to land you on your tech career ladder?
I suppose when I worked at another Manchester hosting company, the minute I saw the data centre I was hooked on tech. Just a shame it took 4 years for me to find the right role in it!

Describe your typical day at Teledata in no more than 20 words.
Can I say data, graphs and analytics 20 times? Putting together digital campaigns to best represent the strength of the brand. 

Best thing about working in tech?
Just how amazing it all is, clicking together. There are things you wouldn’t even think of that are unbelievable like the failovers in place and connectivity into the building.

Worst thing about working in tech?
I couldn’t say, I don’t think there will be!

Which one piece of technology could you not live without?
My Fitbit. It’s given me a great insight into my activity and nags me to exercise when I wouldn’t otherwise!

Which one piece of technology would you ditch into room 101?
Those garbage electric scooters. At some point someone is going to realise how dangerous they are.

Best tech innovation of the last 12 months?
Going to geek out here – the new NVidia chipset for GPUs, they’re revolutionary for ray tracing and 4k. 

Who’s your tech hero?
Larry Page/Sergey Brin. Without those I wouldn’t have a job!

Apple or Android?
Android all day.

What was your first ever games console, and your favourite game?
Is the Commodore 64 a console? If so (tapes and all), Streetbeat. You used to annoy residents of a town by playing music until they danced along with you. A true classic.

Describe Team Teledata in 3 words
Watch this space!

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