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Posted by Dan Akister on 09-Dec-2021 12:31:47

Building relationships with your hosting provider


Choosing the right providers for your company can be difficult. You’ll have a shopping list of criteria that will need to be met, and it’s critical that your partners are the right fit for your business. One of the most important business relationships is the one with your hosting provider. 

Understanding your business
If they, like you – understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve as a business then it’s a huge advantage. A hosting provider that fully understands the intricacies of your business will not only be able to make initial recommendations regarding set up, but will also be able to guide and support you on an ongoing basis. For example, looking at your current performance and whether this could be improved, or making recommendations for growth as your business expands. If your hosting provider knows your business well enough to notice a slight server strain at certain times of day for example, then they could recommend a different approach which could, down the line – prevent any downtime for your clients.

Not a number
There are a large number of “non- independent” data centres around that have numbers on their mind. It’d be remiss to say that businesses don’t look at a bottom line, but when the only concern is the next shareholders meeting it can often lead to bad business decisions. Knowing you matter, you’re important and that you can speak to a human should be one of the priorities when choosing a hosting provider. If you know you matter to your provider, that always brings with it a connection to shared ongoing success. Too many hosting providers will just continue to bill their clients for years without ever really making any relationships within the business, and that’s a real shame.

Knowing they’re ethical
Working closely with your provider gives you the opportunity to ask some of the questions that could be raised internally, such as how ethical they are as a power source and what they’re doing to keep in line with ever increasing government regulations. By having a point of contact who understands not only your business aims, but also what red-tape may be coming in the near future regarding sustainability and other environmental challenges, you can work together rather than be forced to bend to the will of a much larger shareholder owned company. Naturally, as Teledata is independently owned and as such there’s a level of bias here, there’s a reason we’ve recently won multiple awards for the service we provide and the way that  our data centres operate.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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