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Posted by Dan Akister on 24-Nov-2021 11:12:23

Can the cloud future proof your clients’ businesses?


In a word, yes. The cloud can offer exceptional future proofing – particularly for businesses looking to meet regulations involving data protection and even energy efficiencies. There are many reasons to switch to the cloud, and being ready for the future is one of them.

Making it easy for MSPs
The MSPs we speak to are often well used to the cloud and do make recommendations to customers around changing from on-prem solutions to cloud hosting, but this can be met with opposition due to the sunken-cost fallacy that some businesses have regarding their existing IT setup. MSPs often do well to talk them around to the benefits of cloud, but it’s our job as a hosting provider to ensure that any change goes to plan for both client and MSP. A cloud hosting provider can apply best practice and understand the challenges faced by the business before the MSP seeks to make the leap. In most scenarios, migrating from on-premises to cloud can create challenges with backups, file systems and data transfer and these areas need to be properly assessed and managed before any migration happens.

New regulations, such as GDPR and similar, have to be met by businesses in order to operate. Nobody understands this more than MSPs who are in control of ensuring that these rules are met to avoid any fines or investigations. For example, looking at how data is stored, login information needs to be kept entirely separate from any payment information (on different servers). There are also carbon emission targets that businesses can aim to keep within. When using on-prem solutions these are often ignored, but having a server on 24/7 within an environment not necessarily geared to handle it, and using electricity purchased as a business rather than in bulk like a data centre would, can often result in terrible energy efficiencies.

We say this often, but there really is no replacement for the technological advantages the cloud can offer. With a huge shortage across the world for components due to supply chain issues, it can be hard for businesses to upgrade their existing hardware. This is a problem no business would ever have to face when utilising cloud hosting as their upgrades are handled by the cloud provider. With businesses tested to breaking point throughout the pandemic, having the ability to scale up (or down!) and make changes quickly is a huge advantage.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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