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Posted by Dan Akister on 08-Apr-2022 13:47:38

Cloud based workplaces

hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept

If your business is small, medium, large or Enterprise, the chances are the last 2 years have facilitated in a change in the way you work. Now more than ever the cloud is an integral aspect of the modern workplace, has your business moved with the times?

Is it possible to move to the cloud?

We’ve seen record numbers of businesses move to the cloud in the last couple of years. The resilience it offers businesses of any scale is one of the main drivers of change. It’s been on the horizon for some time with Cloud seeing exponential growth throughout the last decade, but recently we’ve seen the demand for Cloud Servers, public cloud and private cloud go far beyond any projections. The benefits outweigh the negatives too, both long and short-term. The virtualised datacentre means that it offers enhanced flexibility without the need to attend a physical location. There’s also the growth aspect, whether you’re a SME looking for cloud based services on a smaller scale or an Enterprise who’s going to move to cloud, scalability should always be at the forefront and with Cloud Servers you can always grow and quickly too.

It’s a challenge though, most businesses face the reality that they’ve had physical servers since their inception. The IT Support Staff are just used to its intricacies, warts and all. It’s not easy to up sticks and move, but that’s entirely the point of Cloud and one of its biggest selling points, once you’ve done it, you’ll never need to do it again. Physical locations are rigid as well, being restricted by the hardware you have on-site. Cloud servers are always up to date from a technological perspective with the latest storage, CPU and bandwidth available at the click of a button in most cases.

Home based working

Most employees have shifted to a more remote role in their working environments which has brought with it a whole host of challenges. Accessing the internal database/storage of their place of work could be a struggle and with the increased demand through VPN’s and other methods of connecting means the strain on IT staff is greater than ever.

Cloud Application Management means that employees can access information and technology that would be otherwise inaccessible outside of their place of work – virtual desktops make working from home with the cloud easier than ever.

Cloud Flexibility

As mentioned, there’s huge advantages to cloud hosting, being able to provide your staff with the ability to work from home using virtual desktops is a huge plus. All they’d need is a form of accessing the server through a laptop or a capable remote device and they’d be accessing a centralised IT system, hard drives and all without the hassle of a VPN. The ability for IT staff to modify and change these without any disruption is a big positive for cloud based computing and businesses of all shapes and sizes will see the benefits.

TeleData have assisted some of the world’s biggest company’s switch over to Cloud – with our technology providing leading businesses with best in class versatility. It’s not just the power and flexibility Teledata offer either. We have 2N + 2N failover, the only Datacentre in the UK to offer unrivalled failover capacity, guaranteeing constant uptime. To find out more contact us on the form below or call us on 0161 498 1200

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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