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Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

With so many people now moving over to the cloud in some form or another (from remote desktops to full cloud solutions) the question people often ask is “is it secure?”. The answer in short is “yes, very”, but why?

Unrivalled flexibility

The important thing to understand about cloud hosting is that it does still exist as physical hardware. You can have all the security in the world on the server itself and through connectivity providers, but what also needs to be considered is the physical location. If it’s easy to walk through the door and plug into the rack your data sits on, then that particular hosting solution isn’t secure at all. So, having a cloud solution that sits in a high security data centre is an advantage!

This also gives the platform room for growth, because data centres offer almost unlimited growth potential – once your hosting requirements meet a point where you need more power or more network connectivity, the flexibility offered by a data centre means that you can increase everything without any potential security breaches.

Encryption technology is harder to break

Over time, encryption has evolved to become almost impossible to breach. With most providers offering server side encryption before it’s ever written to disk, this means that the transmission of the data in an unencrypted format after it’s stored, never happens. When coupled with client side encryption this sets up a double layer of security that is almost impossible to break through.

Third parties will also perform what’s known as penetration testing into your technology. This highlights weak spots (spoiler: it’s usually people in the chain). Cloud hosting removes the “people” element of penetration testing and as such when the only real lines are through encrypted services and storage – it makes everything much harder to break through.

DDoS and Attacks

Cloud providers use multiple networks for connectivity, which means there’s really very little point targeting them for DDoS (distributed denial of service attacks) because they are much more resilient now. If one access point or server becomes loaded with requests, then this is just shifted somewhere else. There’s also multiple firewalls set up to prevent this and attacks such as DDoS are now of very little risk to any decent cloud hosting solution.

So overall the answer is yes. It’s probably the most secure method of hosting and storing your data. To speak to us about your requirements, please do get in touch.

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