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Posted by Dan Akister on 11-Oct-2021 10:38:45

Cloud or colocation – is hybrid the answer?


Sometimes when we work with MSPs they can be reluctant to move to a full cloud strategy and instead opt for a mixture of on-premises and cloud, or colocation and cloud. Often, this hybrid solution is the best fit for not only their needs, but their clients' needs too.

The pandemic changed things
MSPs all had one thing in mind during the pandemic – business continuity. Those with existing cloud setups found it easy to migrate to a remote working set-up during lockdown, and support their customers using similar methods, but those using on-site technology with no cloud hosting in place, struggled to be agile. As an MSP, when your clients have staff working from home it’s always beneficial to be able to access and support their systems remotely, but for some businesses lockdown rendered this nigh on impossible, throwing a huge spanner in the works when it comes to customer experience, uptime and support. MSPs needed to ensure that their teams could not only access client systems remotely, but that they could work from home effectively too. Cloud is a clear winner here and MSPs that were able to roll out quick, efficient and resilient infrastructures did well in the pandemic. 


Technology can be upgraded
Obviously owning your own infrastructure can be seen as a huge plus. On the profit and loss sheets it looks great to have tangible assets and there is an unrivalled level of assurance that your own network and infrastructure is built the way a business wants it – but this can be the case with cloud too. Cloud infrastructures can be built to your specifications and requirements. MSPs with complex, or archaic server setups have the advantage of being able to change the less efficient parts of their network by utilising cloud for the areas that could benefit from it. Meanwhile, colocation - when working with the right provider - could clean up potential technology issues too. Often we speak to MSPs and they’ll say that their clients’ on-premises servers are from mid-2000s. With cloud, legacy systems isn’t an issue because the technology is standardised and upgraded by the cloud provider.

So what’s hybrid?
Hybrid IT is the best of both worlds. A combination of colocation/on-premises and cloud computing, hybrid IT allows businesses to maintain any existing setup whilst maximising the benefits of cloud. This means that they continue as they always have, but have a backup they can rely on that has all the positives of cloud hosting, while slowly moving over to a  cloud first solution, paving a platform for growth for the companies they’re working with.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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