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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 15-Sep-2021 12:48:46

CloudActiv - the perfect alternative to Azure / AWS / G-Suite

CloudActiv - basic overview

When you think of cloud computing the big cloud players immediately spring to mind, but if you’re a cloud reseller or MSP you might find that a smaller independent cloud provider can give you the edge - especially when it comes to business agility and quality of support.

Often, you will need to partner with the big providers in order to have access to their support teams. Or you might need to go via one of their existing partners, rather than dealing with them directly. This can sometimes lead to increased deployment times, and a longer wait for any issues or queries to be resolved. 

At Teledata, we have a relatively small support team in comparison, meaning that when you reach out for support you will always get through to a member of the team you have spoken to previously. You’ll also be speaking to the team that built and manages both our cloud platform and our data centres. That means we can build meaningful relationships with our clients and really understand their businesses and the challenges they face. For the customer, it means  that whoever they speak to, they’ll be talking to somebody who has a good knowledge of their setup and is familiar with any previous issues or communications. 


You could also find that the bigger cloud players bill by the minute/hour which can mean it isn't always clear what you will be paying until it comes to receiving the invoice. This can lead to costs being more than expected. Our cloud platform offers predictable monthly billing and full transparency, so that you can work within customers budgets and guarantee your margins. And there are no hidden costs. You only pay for what you use. 

Another benefit of CloudActiv, is that it’s active-active by design, which saves you considerable time and money designing complex disaster recovery plans. CloudActiv uses VMware vSAN stretched cluster technology to provide constant, sub-millisecond replication between two identical platforms, in two separate UK locations. This creates automatic failover and an RTO/RPO of near zero.

Together with sales and marketing support to help you to rebrand and resell our platform to your customers, CloudActiv could be the predictable, profitable, simplified alternative to Azure, AWS and Google Cloud - that you’ve been looking for. 

For a free, no obligation demo or 30 day trial; or to chat about how how CloudActiv could work for your business - get in touch.

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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