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Colocation - the Pros and Cons

Data centres are cool. We’re biased, naturally – but even objectively, they’re some of the most interesting places you can read about or visit. The level of technology present in the best data centres in the UK is incredible. But there’s a shift away from colocation.

Colocation Pros

  • Owned hardware
  • Customised setups
  • Security on-site
  • Reduced power cost
  • Resilience in the event of outages


Colocation Cons

  • Physical location
  • Technology can become outdated 
  • People are the weakest element of a data centre


So while there are plenty of pros to having a colocation provider, the cons are there. Having a physical location has lately been a huge negative as social distancing guidelines have caused a change in human behaviours. Now it would be far safer to be able to log onto a virtual data centre rather than actually visiting it. Technology is also moving at a considerable pace – physical servers need to be updated more often, so if you have racks that are more than five years old, the technology has moved along considerably. Not just from a performance perspective either – newer technology has focused on power usage with smaller chips and better refined manufacturing processes.


This is why cloud hosting has become more popular over the years, especially private cloud. It has all the positives of colocation with none of the negatives. Providing businesses with the latest technology, infinite ease of access with the benefits of data centre resilience and security has been a big part of that.


Colocation though, can’t and shouldn’t be discounted. The positives outweigh the negatives and working as Teledata have over the years has meant that we’ve become so good at it we have three full data centres! But now that there’s been a shift in our ways of working and new considerations on the table, cloud hosting should be part of the discussion for 2021.

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Written by Dan

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