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Connectivity and the Cloud during Lockdown

Business owners and IT support staff across the UK are now re-evaluating their current situation after the false dawn of lockdown restrictions easing. With continued changes to government guidelines, it’s more important than ever to look at connectivity for your staff so that they can work productively from home. And there’s no better medium than the cloud.

Cloud hosting is driving businesses forward through change

Shifting to home-based working has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes. The main facilitator of change has been cloud hosting. Cloud removes the need for a physical location for your IT infrastructure, and gives employees the ability to access all the vital applications and data they need to perform their jobs, meaning that although their surroundings may have changed, most other elements stay the same.


A great way of achieving this level of cloud productivity is via remote desktops. With remote desktops, employees still have the ability to perform their role efficiently, regardless of their location or their device. Further to this, with more people operating from home, bandwidth and storage needs have increased for businesses. Cloud hosting provides incredible flexibility in this area – one phone call to your hosting provider and your storage is increased. Using a data centre that provides cloud hosting also provides exceptional resilience as the data centre should have failovers in the event of any issues.

Are you facing challenges?

The biggest challenge faced, is the move over to cloud hosting. Most businesses have physical hardware meaning that during the pandemic, any issues they face have to be dealt with on location, whether at the business headquarters or their current data centre. While colocation is fantastic and provides some great flexibility in terms of being accessible and providing resilience, it can be problematic given the requirement to visit the premises to maintain the systems. With cloud hosting you don’t need to do that.


The technology provided by cloud hosting also means your business is never left behind. 2020 saw enhancements in technology, especially with the move by AMD from 14nm to 7nm architecture. Utilising cloud solutions that provide this level of technology means that you get the very best in technological enhancements, instead of making big outlays on your own hardware keeping up to date.

Cloud is now – don’t be left behind!

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes move from physical locations to the cloud. It is a big undertaking, but ultimately rewarding. Providing your staff with the flexibility of cloud based working while keeping abreast of technological enhancements is a fantastic asset to your business. Giving your company room to grow while providing infrastructure resilience is invaluable.

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