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Posted by Dan on 25-Aug-2021 10:40:57

Connectivity and Teledata



Something we’re proud of at Teledata is our carrier capabilities. Working with major network providers such as ZAYO, Cogent, BT, SSE, M247 and Virgin Media, we consider ourselves carrier neutral, which means that we can adapt to your requirements and provide the connectivity you need.

Connectivity is important
Providing our customers with this wide variety of carriers means that their requirements don’t need to be constantly adapted if there’s any change in technology or circumstances. By offering our customers an array of choices, whether that be dark fibre with ZAYO for large scale needs, or connectivity through IX Reach which offers smaller business focused SLAs, we can really appeal to businesses around the UK and specific requirements can be met easily.

In a rapidly changing business environment it’s essential that your services are efficient, consistent and resilient. By working with a range of different connectivity providers as we do, we are able to work with various network capabilities to ensure that your business - and your customer’s businesses - continue to run smoothly, in any eventuality. With multiple access points that can be changed based on your requirements you can determine what you need, how secure, how you need it and how fast you want it.

It’s important to us as a data centre to maintain neutral carrier status because when we’re approached by new customers we often get asked who we use. While we do have larger scale operations and great relationships with large carriers, we also provide smaller scale solutions and connections, meaning that businesses of any size or scale can work with us. This also means we have experience across multiple sectors and we can give the very best advice to those starting out or undergoing change. By not limiting ourselves to a small number of suppliers, we also provide advice that transcends our own business interests, looking to serve our client’s requirements first and foremost.

To speak to us about our carriers or our connectivity, please get in touch on 0161 498 1200.

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Written by Dan

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