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Posted by Dan Akister on 20-Oct-2021 10:58:26

Creating an environment for growth


It’s a time-old issue. Your clients have taken you on to help them meet a challenge they currently have, or they’re looking to the future and feel their current provider couldn’t get them where they want to be - so how can you help?

Identify the flaws
Taking on new clients means taking on another MSP’s setup. In most cases it’ll be entirely different to how your company deals with things. This means from top to bottom, an analysis will need to be carried out to ascertain what systems they use, how they connect, how secure the network is etc. etc. The first stop is generally hosting – how resilient is their hosting? If downtime has been an issue in the past, is it time to change to something more reliable? These are questions all MSPs ask in the initial process of taking on a new client, but also ones that require the biggest answers. Making wide, sweeping changes can be disruptive to businesses. It shouldn’t be, but with the right actions taken – identifying issues can be much easier in the future.

Ask the stakeholders
Most businesses have big dreams of expansion, but a more realistic view needs to be taken. If an optimistic MD has stated they want to grow to 500+ people in their company within two years, perhaps it’s better to deal with the CTO who’s more pragmatic and knows that going from 50 to 100 is the more realistic scenario. Getting a good view of where the business is and where it’s likely to be, while understanding that things can change is paramount to creating that environment for growth. By giving your client the wiggle room to expand at their own pace, you’ll take away a potential headache and build trust between you going forward.


Cloud hosting – not just for the pandemic, but for the future
Cloud hosting is by far the most effective way of presenting your clients with the easiest growth potential. There’s no physical hardware to upgrade/improve and the ability to add users or increase network capacity is literally a few clicks away. We’ve discussed before that it can be a bit of an overhaul to go from existing physical hardware to something unfamiliar, but as most businesses find out, expanding quickly can cause headaches they never knew they’d experience. It seems cliché for an MSP to come in and immediately recommend cloud hosting, but if a business has big plans for growth, it really is the easiest way forward.

Understand the challenges
Every business runs into limitations, whether it’s the current network they’ve “always used” being slow and unscalable, or user licences being shared among assets. Going to a business with a definitive plan will always go down well. If the business has objectives to meet within a certain timeframe, you can be proactive and discuss how you expect to meet them before they struggle. A strong relationship between MSP and client is vital to a long-lasting working relationship.

Find out more
We specialise in working alongside MSPs. We provide white-label services that could genuinely improve your clients’ current hosting environments. To find out more get in touch here or call us on 0161 498 1200.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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