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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 09-May-2022 14:19:44

Digital transformation in a post-pandemic era

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The Covid 19 pandemic brought huge changes to the way that we work. Hybrid working is now the norm for many people, but for a lot of businesses the route to remote working was something that had to be implemented fast, in response to the government’s orders to work from home. Some of the sticking plaster solutions that were put in place to enable teams to work remotely prompted the desire for further digital transformations and the post-pandemic shift to hybrid working has now made this a necessity, rather than a desire. 

So what should companies be looking for as they move towards a longer-term solution? And how can they turn survive, into thrive when it comes to hybrid working? 

Plan for growth 
When building out your digital strategy, put scalability at the top of your list. Businesses that embrace new technologies and new ways of working are likely to be more agile, which results in faster growth. Hybrid working brings the best of both worlds - workers have more time (fewer commutes, greater flexibility) while a robust, digital strategy enables fast reaction times and collaboration that can really boost productivity. Your IT infrastructure needs to be ready to adapt to this growth - fast.

One size doesn’t fit all
You’ll be considering a range of options as you look to transform your business. Public cloud, private cloud, colocation, virtual private desktops, Microsoft Teams, AWS, Azure…. But what you’ll probably find you need, is a combination of some, if not all of these technologies. Hybrid IT can give you the best of all worlds, and what works for one business, won’t necessarily work for another, so don’t rule anything out and leave your brand loyalties at the door.

Partnerships matter
You might need to seek the help of third party suppliers to help you with your digital transformation. Whether that’s an MSP (Managed Service Provider), a cloud hosting company, or a data centre provider (or all three!) you need to choose carefully. Finding partners that will really get to know and understand your business, getting right under its skin to understand your challenges and goals, will reap huge rewards and help you to move your company forward into a position that’s ready to embrace the new ways of working, primed for growth and ready to conduct business at the quickening pace that’s now needed to operate in a post-pandemic world.

To chat to us about how Teledata could help your business with digital transformation, get in touch with the team here.

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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