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Posted by Dan on 11-Jun-2021 10:29:53

E-Commerce cloud hosting, are you ready?


The Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions resulted in a huge increase in online shopping as people locked down and stayed at home. This created big increases in web traffic and brought with it new challenges for businesses that run eCommerce websites. 

Here we discuss elements of what e-commerce businesses can expect over the next year or so.

With traffic fluctuation comes the need for higher specifications on hardware. If you’re using a colocation solution, then this is limited by the technology you have on your servers and the hardware has an “upper limit”. That isn’t to say you may not be ready for a huge increase in online footfall to your eCommerce store, but there’s more to consider such as backend processes, payments and there’s also data storage to look into.

We work with some large eCommerce brands and while they enjoy the freedom to relax knowing any fluctuations in traffic numbers are covered, their real concerns were around the amount of transactions they could handle and how their customer data was stored. With cloud hosting this is covered as there’s an almost unlimited “upper limit” that isn’t restricted by hardware.


One of the most important elements of an eCommerce operation is keeping the website on constantly. Any amount of downtime is a reduction of revenue. It’s the same as locking your doors while your shop is still open for business. If your resilience or redundancy isn’t up to scratch, then if the worst happens - downtime - that’s a period of time where you’ll be losing revenue. With 2(N+N) technology Teledata knows how important it is to ensure all our sites stay online, even in the worst of circumstances.

Cloud hosting allows eCommerce websites to also switch hardware quickly. If there’s a failure on physical servers with something like with colocation solutions, then until it’s fixed there’s usually some downtime, but with active-active cloud hosting solutions such as Teledata CloudActiv, the entire system moves to another platform seamlessly as the platform works across two sites simultaneously to give ultimate resilience and guaranteed business continuity.

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New regulations in UK law mean that data storage and use has to be done in a certain manner. For example account details are not able to be stored in the same location as payment details for the safety of the users. Cloud hosting provides so many data storage options that these regulations are easy to adhere to, whereas physical hardware setups may not be. With data able to be transferred and stored in completely different server locations it makes things far easier for businesses to meet these regulations.

To speak to us about eCommerce cloud hosting or anything else we could help with, please do get in touch on 0161 498 1200.

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Written by Dan

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