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Posted by Dan Akister on 11-May-2022 14:05:46

Growth in IT and how you as an SME can keep ahead of the game


The world is ever changing and with it a fresh approach to IT. Couple that with natural growth and it can be a daunting task to keep up with it all. How then, do you keep your eye on the ball and your finger on the pulse?

Be instinctive not reactive and plan your upgrades
The challenges faced by SMEs (and indeed all businesses) when it comes to hosting are often the challenges brought about by fast expansion. Suddenly, something happens and it’ll be too late. For example, servers go down or websites are slow and unresponsive due to a sudden increase in load or visitors. Mapping out when and where this might happen can be difficult – but it’s necessary to avoid issues. If there is the tiniest possibility that something could happen to cause problems with your servers, then it’s your responsibility to have a roadmap or a prevention schedule to mitigate the risks. The recommendation is to spec for 30% above what you expect to be normal. We actually believe this should be at least 50%, especially considering the recent changes to the way people are working through and beyond the Covid 19 pandemic.

With cloud hosting now being a widely adopted approach by SMEs, it’s vital that everything works well and efficiently. The businesses utilising cloud hosting for scalability will most likely have breezed through the increase in home based working, because their cloud provider will have simply expanded their offering to provide solutions to problems they faced. Those who were reliant on on-site hardware may have struggled because of the immediate response required and the physical nature of the hardware. Moving from 2- 3 people working from home to 20+ will have repercussions as a business unless you’re ready for it. It’s best to have plenty of space to grow rather than be limited.


Does your hosting provider understand your business?
All too often we hear stories about businesses who just don’t feel valued enough. At Teledata we work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and there is a continual drive for improved performance on our side. If the right provider is working with you, as you approach your maximum capacities they’ll offer you viable alternatives to your setups and improve your existing infrastructure. In some cases though, this doesn’t happen. Infrastructures aren’t monitored to this level and it’s just expected that you’ve got a handle on things.

So choosing the right provider for colocation or cloud hosting is very important. The right provider will work with you instead of just for you and will always look to help you improve your business approach, whatever that may be, and understand your unique challenges.

Research and assess
With so many advances in technology, stretching your hosting to its very limits isn’t something a business should ever really need to do. If you’re instinctive, then you’ll know which technologies could benefit your business in the long-term. Whether that’s a new server that effectively drops the reliance on older hardware, a newer setup that takes advantage of better load bearing technology or a migration to cloud or hybrid solutions – it’s worth considering all the time.

So to summarise, planning, understanding and choosing the right provider are all essential for growth in IT. To speak to us about your colocation or cloud hosting requirements, call us on 0161 498 1200 get in touch here or fill in the form below.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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