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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 11-Jul-2022 09:49:41

How does your hosting provider cater for your future?


As your business changes - and hopefully grows - your web hosting requirements are likely to change too. We all know that web hosting needs to be scalable, but does your hosting provider really cater for your future? Have you found your hosting home for life?

One of the best ways to achieve this is to find a web hosting provider that really understands your business and its requirements and can take on some of the burden of managing your hosting. You may well have the capability in house to set up and manage your websites, but unless that’s a dedicated role, you’re probably pulling that person or people away from their core responsibilities. 

If you invest in a valuable working relationship with your hosting provider - now, then when the time comes this collaborative approach can really help you to make the most of your technology choices.

At Teledata, we aim to deliver at every stage of your hosting journey with a range of services, underpinned by continuity of support and insider knowledge about you and your business. We can even help you with a managed migration to something that meets your future needs. Cloud servers, private cloud, maybe even colocation. These are usually all discussions for the future and part of the Teledata hosting ecosystem, where continuity in a working relationship is a valuable currency.

Our consultative approach to web hosting means that there’s no automation or self service. Our premium web hosting is supported for you by the same technical team that designed and maintains our active-active cloud platform (CloudActiv) - right here from our Manchester data centre HQ.

For well over a decade now, our hosting customers have chosen to work with us precisely because they value the close technical support and guiding hand that our team offers. So if easy access to friendly and knowledgeable advice sounds like the web hosting for you, why not get in touch for a back to basics chat about your requirements, or read more about the products on our website here

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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