Posted by Anna Nicholls on 07-Aug-2020 09:58:55

How is TeleData’s CloudActiv different from AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud?


We recently launched our own active-active cloud hosting platform - CloudActiv, and have been asked a few times - what’s the difference between CloudActiv and the bigger cloud providers such as AWS, Google or Microsoft. So here’s our answer...

In terms of the main differences, support would be the first thing we’d highlight. With the big cloud providers you will likely receive limited support and experience extended response times. In most cases you would need a contract with a partner company, and the partner company would provide your support, SLAs etc. 

At TeleData, we have a relatively small support team in comparison, meaning that when you reach out for support you will always get through to a member of the team you have spoken to previously. We like to build relationships with our clients so that we can really get to understand their businesses and the challenges they face. That means that it’s also likely that whoever you speak to will have a good knowledge of your setup and be familiar with previous issues or communications. This is not something you’re going to get with AWS, Google or Microsoft. 

You will also probably find that the bigger cloud players bill by the minute/hour which can mean it isn't always clear what you will be paying until it comes to receiving the invoice. This can lead to costs being more than expected. You need to be on the ball, and switching services off when not required to keep costs to a minimum. With our cloud platform, the costs are simple to follow and there are no hidden charges. This blog post - Cloud hosting: 3 hidden costs to consider highlights some of the hidden charges you can expect with some other providers.

In terms of the platform, we have multi-site resilience built in to all our cloud services as standard. You can read more about this and how it works in our blog post - Active-active cloud hosting explained. With other providers this may not be something that is included by default. You may find you will end up paying a lot more for this kind of resilience. 

With some of the big cloud players, we’ve found that it can also sometimes be overly complicated to carry out simple tasks and getting help with this can be difficult. You are generally provided with resources and need to know exactly what you are doing with these with minimal assistance and based mainly on support articles. Or again, hire the help of a partner company’s expertise to help you. At TeleData, we’re happy to help as much as possible and on occasions beyond our standard support levels.

Of course, different cloud platforms are suitable for different requirements. Sometimes, a large public cloud provider might give you what you need, but other times they may not be able to host or support particular applications, or compliance might become an issue - particularly post-Brexit and with GDPR in mind, where some industry bodies will now require data to remain within the UK and not failover to the EU, for example. 

To give you an idea of the types of questions you should be asking your cloud provider to make sure that the solution you’re moving to is right for your business, you can try downloading our free whitepaper - 10 questions to ask your cloud provider

If you would like to find out more about TeleData’s cloud platform, or have any questions about how our cloud differs from other providers, you can get in touch with the team here


Written by Anna Nicholls