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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 04-Jun-2021 10:00:00

How remote working could revolutionise your business


The way we work has changed. Fuelled by a global pandemic, and the order to stay at home, the internet and its associated technologies have changed work from somewhere that we go, to something that we do. A host of technology, all centred around the internet and cloud computing, now acts as an enabler that empowers workers to get more done, from anywhere.

Remote working is proving to bring significant advantages to both businesses and employees. It creates a flexibility never seen before in the world of work, bringing improved work-life balance to employees, and business agility on a global scale. Technology brings dispersed workforces together, while allowing centralised teams to disperse, and the benefits are just as far reaching - for both employers and employees.

  • Better work-life balance
  • Less time spent commuting
  • Increased productivity
  • Less office stress
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing

Allowing your staff to undertake full, or even part time remote working can make massive changes to their daily lives. Time spent commuting can be put to better use, while the flexibility of no set start and finish times enables workers to juggle childcare responsibilities, hobbies, meetings and time spent with family and friends. This improves mental health and well being, reduces stress, and ultimately, increases productivity. 


When we start to look at how remote working affects businesses, this is where we really start to see the benefits. Increased productivity brought about through a less stressed and less distracted workforce is positively hitting the bottom line of the companies embracing this new way of working, while a centralised approach to IT brings a reduction in infrastructure costs, improved resilience, better security and business agility. With a remote workforce, you can adapt fast. Your teams can work from anywhere, meaning any potential disruptions to daily routines are virtually eradicated. From tube strikes and power outages, to the devastation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic… remote working means your workers, and with them your business, can pick up and carry on as usual - from anywhere.

  • Improved employee retention
  • Access to a wider pool of applicants.
  • More autonomous employees
  • Lower costs
  • Make better use of technology
  • Reduced salaries
  • Attract a wider pool of talent 
  • Centralised IT 

Teledata’s hosted desktop solution - CloudDesks
- can help your teams to stay productive, wherever they’re working. Built on VMware's enterprise-grade Horizon solution, Teledata CloudDesks is an ultra secure and scalable remote desktop platform that’s delivered from your own bespoke private cloud environment. That means no shared hardware or resource - so no chance of over-contention between multiple customers on the same shared platform - and automatic failover in the event of any hardware issue, guaranteeing anytime, anyplace access around the clock. 

To find out more about Teledata CloudDesks, or for a free trial or demo of any of our services, get in touch with our experts here, or call us on 0161 498 1200.

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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