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Posted by Dan Akister on 26-Jan-2021 10:01:26

Increased traffic giving your servers a headache?

The recent global events have caused a monumental shift in user behaviour. Now more than ever seen before, people are relying on the internet to sustain their lifestyle, whether it’s through eCommerce or working from home. This has caused some businesses to rethink their infrastructure to cope with the increased demand.

Is your current technology adequate?

The increase in traffic has put some serious load on servers for businesses across the globe. As of October, there was a 7% increase in online traffic to eCommerce providers and almost 30% increase in transactions with 6.6% less time on page. What this data tells us is that while traffic hasn’t gone through the roof, an increase of almost a third in transactions carried out means that servers will be tested in terms of the data they hold, the calculations they’re being asked to perform and the fulfilment journeys such as delivery, notifications and tracking.


So while it’s likely that businesses will be set up to cope with incremental increases in visits to their sites, the real challenge lies in being able to meet the demand of increased custom. Now that we’ve passed Black Friday and the Christmas period, hopefully your solution had enough to cope!

Resilience is key

As we’re currently in a third lockdown period, home based working has increased the pressure on the National Grid. While there’s been blackouts here and there, for the most part it’s held on pretty well. There have been warnings to households to expect occasional power issues, with the Government investing £1billion to sustain the energy supply across the UK, but what happens if there’s an outage for your business? Could it cope?


At Teledata we offer unrivalled (and now award winning) resilience for exactly this issue. Our 2N+2N failover means we can sustain our client’s servers if the lights go out. This is especially useful for those working at home – if a business’s power goes out, usually that would mean the workers are unable to perform their duties. But at Teledata, our resilience means the show goes on.

Make 2021 a year of change

2020 showed us all how resilient we are, and how we can adapt to change. 2021 should be a year where we all embrace this. There are certain resilience measures and server configurations that weren’t up to the job. We know, because we’ve had the conversations and taken the challenge to offer something better. Instead of wiping our brow, we’ve driven forward with distinguished change to ensure that we are still offering (did we mention award winning already?) the very best services to our cloud hosted and colocation clients. So much so we’ve now started developing a 4th data centre!


To find out more or to talk to us about your requirements, please do get in touch.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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