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Life as a TeleData apprentice….

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Our apprentice, Jordan, is celebrating six months at Teledata on his Unified Communications apprenticeship, so we sat down with a cuppa and had a quick chat about how he’s getting on...

What made you choose TeleData for your apprenticeship?
When I came for my interview everybody was really nice and friendly and immediately put me at ease. I did a three day work trial and got a good understanding of what the company did, which really interested me. Overall, TeleData really impressed me and I was thrilled when I was offered a place here. 

Why did you choose a Unified Communications apprenticeship?
The Unified Comms course includes a really good range of learning, from networking to coding, so I thought it would give me a strong foundation whilst being varied and interesting. I have not been disappointed, I'm thoroughly enjoying the course so far.

What were your first impressions of TeleData?
I’d never been in a data centre before, so I was really intrigued by how it all worked. It seemed like a really interesting and exciting place to be working and it felt like a place where I could learn a lot and really get the most out of my apprenticeship.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The variation. I enjoy coming into work, and not knowing what’s going to happen that day. Everyday is different, and I'm always learning new things.

What sort of work do you do on a daily basis?
That depends on the day. I could be looking at the issues raised by customers, creating new servers, migrating servers, running lots of commands which I’m trying to learn! There’s so much going on, there are too many jobs to list! 

Have you completed any exams, certifications or other training since you joined us?
Yes, I've done three courses so far. MTA Mobility and Device Fundamentals, MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals and Network & Architecture. I have some more coming up in the next few months, for example Business Processes and Coding & Logic, and I have two assessments in progress - Installation & Cabling and Network Technical Support. 

What do you find challenging about your job, if anything, and how do you overcome this?
Not knowing a solution! With new problems coming in all the time, it’s not possible for me to have covered every topic that comes in yet.  When this happens, other members of staff help out by walking me through the problem step by step. I will also make some notes while going through it so when the issue next occurs I can resolve it. 

Have your impressions of TeleData changed, 6 months in, compared to your first impressions?
No, I still find everything interesting as I’m learning new things every day. 

What’s the best thing about TeleData?
I like everything here at Teledata. The staff are all kind and helpful, and always willing to help me out if I am ever stuck on anything. 

What do you hope to do after your apprenticeship?
There are lots of possibilities, my apprenticeship will open up lots of opportunities or I could go onto a higher level apprenticeship, but right now I’m really happy now doing what I’m doing.  

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Written by Anna Nicholls