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Posted by Dan Akister on 08-Dec-2020 12:52:40

Is it time to look at your current Workplace Solution(s)?

Looking to the future...

As you no doubt know, Covid19 has changed the way we all work, with remote working now becoming a normality. Initially it was a shock to some businesses, but now after a second lockdown period the majority of firms are getting into the swing of things. Going forward, it looks like working from home will become more prevalent, but what are the alternatives out there?

Shared office spaces

This is something that’s not entirely new. With companies such as WeWork performing so well throughout the pandemic, there’s a demand for shared office space now as businesses of all sizes seek to provide their employees with as much flexibility as possible. The reality is, being omnipresent across the UK and Europe via WeWork and other desk sharing companies has seen exponential growth. It provides both clients and employees with a solution that means they can still work, without the stress of relocation.

Offices & Business premises - CLS LEDs light up your world!

Teledata currently has this solution available too. We’re not just a data centre! Our Workplace Recovery/Shared Office suites are situated near Manchester Airport so we have exceptional transport links available. We also provide office space for 1 – 100+ seats, with facilities on site such as the technology and connectivity to get you going immediately, kitchen and meeting facilities for all your staff and obviously the advantage of being in the same building as the UK’s leading data centre provider. If you’re not sure what you might need from a backup office location, then we have a guide to download here.

Working from home – cloud

Cloud based working isn’t new, it’s been prevalent for some time, but now more than ever the option to use a Hosted Desktop or cloud storage solution has become much more important. Having the flexibility to have the cloud backing you up is something we’ve seen more and more of throughout the lockdown periods. The requirement for IT infrastructures to now move into more cloud based offerings means that we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our cloud server technologies.

Cloud Computer Hosting - Free image on Pixabay

Obviously there’s a physical location for all cloud solutions but given the current situation, having the ability to configure your environment virtually rather than physically, is an advantage. There are many businesses that will never move away from a on-premise solution which is understandable, but if you could move your business to the cloud, the recommendation is you should, or at least consider doing so as we enter 2021.

Offering private cloud on VMWare technology – Teledata is cutting edge when it comes to connectivity and deployment of our technology. If you keep up with us on social media, you’ll see that our failover has been backed up with a £2million investment into our data centres, making sure that our clients have the absolute best and peace of mind in their cloud solutions.

To speak to us about your current workplace solution or cloud hosting – contact us here.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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