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How you can make a cloud environment work for you?

The pandemic has caused a shift into cloud environments at a rate nobody expected. There has been a considerable amount of change on the horizon for some time, but COVID-19 resulted in that timeline being accelerated. So how do you make a cloud environment work for you?

Provide the right level of access

When the whole company is office-based, it’s easy to determine who needs to access which areas of the server (or cloud!), but when working remotely you’ll often find that there are departments that have “always had access to this” and CEOs/MDs that haven’t truly assessed it at all. We’ve spoken to numerous infrastructure engineers and found that now is the perfect time to perform a security analysis on the access levels given to staff. You never know, someone might have access to company files they really shouldn’t be seeing!

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Make sure your drives are nice and tidy

There’s always the temptation for your staff to have “their own folder”, or to just haphazardly drop files into the cloud storage. We’ve had reports of staff members flooding servers with huge files that have caused issues for other employees. If there’s a defined folder structure in place then you can avoid this, together with the restriction on size uploads. By maintaining a streamlined drive, your cloud storage can work for you and cuts out unnecessary file bloat.

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Get the right bandwidth and ensure you can grow

Some companies have grown considerably through the pandemic. A cloud environment has helped that because of the almost unlimited potential it offers to businesses. Unlike an on-prem solution, there are no physical restrictions with cloud, and you can take your pick from any number of network providers to ensure that you’re getting the best connectivity. Obviously, there’s a dependency on the speed of the employees' internet when they’re working from home, but when you can guarantee that the servers are at the right side are flying, it’s important for your business.

Cables plugged into the back of a serverNew technologies can be deployed

One of the most common stories we hear is that cloud migrations happen because newer applications require better technology. Obviously there are some that just chug along like a hearty CRM, but some of the more modern applications and technologies such as CAD require more firepower. Companies taking on more around AI and machine learning will need more server power too.

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