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Maximising your business growth through cloud

Often the main blocker to business growth is technology – so why would cloud computing allow you to grow? We look at a few points below…


Cloud computing gives businesses the freedom to grow. It provides a platform to scale up (or down) quickly, should requirements change. A good example of this would be around Black Friday or the Christmas period for e-commerce sites. These types of sites can experience downtime during sudden busy periods due to traffic demands causing servers to crash. Having a cloud solution in place can offset the risk of this happening.

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Having everything hosted “in the cloud” greatly reduces the environmental impact of technology usage. By being part of an infrastructure that takes advantage of energy efficiency, such as our award winning energy efficient data centre facility in Manchester, businesses can start to work towards carbon neutrality. With increased regulations coming in around the emissions businesses create and with grants available for businesses that meet certain targets, it makes sense to consider this as a business decision moving forward.

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Continual technological advancement is pushing most physical hardware into an era where they’re becoming slow and outdated and often expensive to run. Cloud hosting gives businesses a more robust approach by providing them with a servable, scalable solution that doesn’t require huge outlays on technology costs, while keeping them up to date with the latest technology. 

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There have been many changes to legislation over the last few years, such as GDPR, as well as laws dictating that customer’s payment information must be kept completely physically separate from other information about them. This has resulted in the requirement to have almost two setups for data storage. Cloud doesn’t have that restriction. Cloud can provide two completely separate instances of data storage while continuing to provide the same experience to customers and employees alike who require other operations from the servers.

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Working from home

The work environment has changed lately.  More people are working from home, and this has pushed some businesses to breaking point, particularly those that were entirely reliant on on-premise solutions, and working from home required “dialling in” via a VPN. With cloud, users can benefit from a hosted desktop solution, which means they have exactly the same setup they’d have on premise, at their home or indeed anywhere that they’re working.

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