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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 10-Aug-2021 13:59:27

Remote or Office based - has your workplace changed?


The past 18 months has brought both disruption and change, on a global scale. Millions of people changed the way that they work. Millions of businesses changed the way that they run. Routines, and mindsets altered. And some of this change has been for good.

So now that the official advice has changed, and we can all head back to the office - has your workplace changed? 

Some businesses severed ties to their physical office environments during the pandemic, and haven’t looked back since. Homeworkers now juggle work around homelife - rather than the other way around, really maximising the benefits of flexibility to find a balance. This is working out really well for some companies and their employees. For these people, work isn’t somewhere that they go anymore, it’s something that they do. Staff are getting their 

hours in around childcare commitments, gym sessions, dog walks - they’re making work, work for them. And for a lot of businesses, this really works. It creates a happier, more relaxed workforce, and happy, relaxed workers are always more productive. 

Or perhaps home working wasn’t for you, and didn’t quite work out for your business. Some companies need staff on-site in order for particular types of work to be carried out effectively. Some employees missed the social aspects of work, and really need that interaction that an office environment brings. But has the office really gone back to normal, or are people now experiencing a new norm of office life, where colleagues are nervous about sharing lifts, handshakes aren’t allowed and desks remain spread out? 

A lot of businesses are now opting for a hybrid of the above two ideas, offering staff the opportunity to remain at home if they wish to do so, but opening their doors to those that want to get back into the office. Many employees are choosing to split their time between home and the office, bringing the best of both worlds to employers and employees alike. 

What’s clear is that businesses and workers alike have shown true resilience and strength over the past year or so, adapting to their surroundings to ensure that despite the challenges, the job gets done. Embracing new technologies, new working practices and ways of collaborating, businesses and their teams have maximised the resources available to them to ensure productivity and creativity remain high. The UK’s workforce has changed, perhaps for the better, and perhaps not for the last time, because change, after all, is the only constant in life.

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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