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Posted by Dan Akister on 26-Mar-2021 13:50:09

How technology is changing our lives

The recent changes to the way we work have been a stark reminder that technology can move with us, and help facilitate our adaptation to difficult circumstances. But it won’t end there. We expect technology to continue to shape our daily lives.

It’s trying to make us fitter

Smart watches and other wearable fitness devices have been not only an industry game changer, but a life changer too. Enabling users to track activity levels, sleep patterns, calorie consumption/burn, heart rate etc. is a great way to motivate people to up their exercise game, while giving elite athletes real insight into their performance. Apps like Strava, FitBit and Garmin have all grown exponentially over the last 12 months, with Strava securing Series F funding of £110 million in late 2020, which can only mean one thing - a fitter nation.

Man doing fitness test on exercise bike at the medical centre

Some devices and apps can be used to monitor heart rate for medical purposes, triggering alerts when vital stats indicate a medical issue. Others feed directly to health insurers, with users rewarded for increased exercise with reduced insurance premiums. And taking safety to the next level, some Garmin fitness watches can detect emergency situations such as the wearer falling over, and failing to get back moving again, and will send alerts to emergency contacts to notify them of a potential safety or health issue. These devices are adapting all the time with new features and capabilities and are becoming a real game changer in the way we view our personal health and fitness.

Bitcoin mining isn’t going away

There was a time when Bitcoin was more legend than fact. It wasn’t considered real and if you were involved with it, then generally you didn’t talk about it (like Fight Club!). But in recent times it’s exploded onto the scene in a big way. Elon Musk is tweeting about it and Tesla is accepting it as payment. There are so many different types now - Bitcoin, Etherium, Doge, Litecoin, Cardano, the list is almost endless. Technology is driving it too, with GPU farms now taking more power than the entirety of Argentina! With AMD and Nvidia releasing new chipsets too, it’s motivated more of a squeeze on the market with record levels of stock being sold to cryptominers.

Elegant hand touching tablet with cryptocurrency concept

Clouds are exploding

It sounds a little dramatic, but the requirement for cloud hosting is at an all-time high. Previously you’d “add a server” physically and that would solve the problem. But with more people working remotely and the likelihood of this continuing, people are now looking for more robust, scalable and energy efficient solutions. Cloud fits the bill. It not only enables businesses to grow, but also to make use of other new technologies and to maximise on connectivity that they may not have had available previously. The cloud, is growing.


Streaming is getting bigger, and bigger

Streaming services are continuing to grow with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus and NOWTV all expanding fast. What’s been interesting over the last 12 months, is the almost monumental shift to streaming services, away from terrestrial or “satellite” TV services. Sky was on the precipice of failing, but NOWTV has really bolstered its product offering. With such high demand, connectivity had to improve, prompting ISPs to upgrade the internet coming into our homes to cope with the increase in services. With new streaming platforms launching all the time, all looking to take advantage of this increase in demand, we can expect to see products like Stadia and Geforce Now game streaming services popping up all over the place, as well as the continued growth of platforms such as YouTube Premium and Smart TV services.


Apps are getting smarter

As technology continues to grow, so does the analytical side with more data than ever being processed about us. From machine algorithms anticipating our behaviour on social media through to AI changing the way we shop and providing better customer support, we’re approaching a point where apps know more about us than we do! This will continue to grow and although privacy concerns will always exist, unless there’s a shift towards complete removal of data collection, it’ll just get smarter.


Smart homes

Together with the apps getting smarter, our homes are too. There are many devices now that change the way that we live such as the Ring Doorbell service, Roombas, Google Home/Alexa and other devices that make living at home that much different. Safety has improved considerably as a result - there are now fire alarms that will detect and inform you away from the property if there’s a fire, or any carbon monoxide traces. You can control your home thermostat on the drive home to ensure the house isn’t too hot (or cold) on arrival. Technology is making things not only safer, but easier and much more comfortable. This will continue too - with more integration from inside the home and devices being connected seamlessly. 


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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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