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Posted by Dean McGarry on 12-Nov-2019 12:37:40

TeleData at VMworld


It’s been almost a week since VMworld Europe 2019, VMWare’s global conference for virtualization and cloud computing, took place in Barcelona. 

TeleData technologists, Dean and Dan headed over to get the lowdown on all the latest news and insights from across the industry. 

Here’s what they learnt…  

For those that don't know what containers are, otherwise known as cloud native applications, containers are simplified virtual machines (VMs). They are designed to host a specific service such as a web server, without the overheads of all the other features in an operating system. This means they can run and scale far more efficiently.

Traditionally a dedicated operating system was required to run containers, whether this be on a physical box, or a VM. At VMworld US in August, Project Pacific was announced, which will allow containers to run natively in VMware. This means that no additional OS is required to run containers. What’s even better, is that they perform 8% better on VMware than on a bare metal server. This approach gives businesses a single platform to operate existing and modern apps side-by-side.

At VMworld Europe last week we attended a very interesting session relating to NSX, which is VMware's virtual network offering. Most cloud providers use NSX-V, but containers require a new type of networking provided by NSX-T. Although this is not available at the moment in vCloud Director without deploying a brand new environment, it was mentioned during this session that there will be a migration tool available early next year. 

Finally, VMware announced something called Tanzu. Tanzu is a management platform for a multi-cloud container environment, meaning that you can manage your container environment and policies in a single pane of glass.

What does all this mean? Well it won’t be long until TeleData can offer containers as a service (CaaS) on our public cloud platform.

If you’d like to find out more or are interested in a private container service, get in touch with our tech team here.

Cloud Portal
We caught up with the OnApp Team, who demonstrated upcoming features that are currently in beta. OnApp are one of our suppliers, and they provide a front end interface to vCloud Director that enables self provisioning and integrated billing (to be publicly available shortly). OnApp announced that they have more networking features currently available in vCloud Director in their interface. This means that our customer’s CDCs will be even easier to manage through a single portal.

What else did we learn at VMworld?
We also attended several sessions on vSAN performance tuning and monitoring and others session on how certain features work such as CPU and memory scheduling, as well as some hands on labs. All these sessions will help our team provide a better service to our customers going forward, by utilising these new innovations to build upon our offering.

If you’d like to talk in more detail about any of the points in this blog post, or find out how these advances could benefit you as a Teledata customer, get in touch with a member of the team and we’ll be happy to chat.

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Written by Dean McGarry

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