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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 20-Sep-2021 15:12:54

The top technical benefits of our cloud platform

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Our cloud platform - CloudActiv - brings a host of benefits to MSPs, but what are the top technical benefits and how could they help your business - and your customers

Unparalleled resilience
Built on VMware vSAN stretched cluster technology CloudActiv is active-active as standard with constant sub-millisecond replication between two identical platforms, in two separate UK locations. This, combined with full host and site failure protection, networking and dual power feed protection provides a 100% uptime guarantee, automatic failover and an RTO/RPO of near zero. 

Ultimate security 
Built by our cloud specialists and hosted in the data centre that we own and manage, CloudActiv offers ultimate resilience through an active-active infrastructure, and a high security data centre that you can depend on - we’re the only data centre in the UK to offer 2(N+N) UPS redundancy and an on-site BS5979 control centre.

Total flexibility
Scalable on-demand, CloudActiv also has the option of 30 days free, which you can use by way of a trial, or as flexibility for Proof of Concept design and testing.

Easy to use
Ready to provision in under five minutes, CloudActiv is easy to use with a single pane of glass interface. It means you don’t need to pay for specialist architects, consultants or cloud partners to build your cloud network, and you get the peace of mind of full support from Teledata's cloud specialists and licensing experts, who are all based on-site at our data centre facility in Manchester

CloudActiv gives you;

  • Host failover between sites for VMs
  • vSAN stretched cluster technology
  • Geographically separate locations that can operate independently
  • Backups at a secondary location
  • Storage failover between sites
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • No IP reconfiguration in the event of failover
  • Dual 10GB inter-site connectivity
  • RTO/RPO of near zero
  • Customer portal

To find out more, or to enquire about a free trial or demo, get in touch with our cloud team here, or call 0161 498 1200.

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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