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Posted by Dan Akister on 03-Sep-2021 09:46:53

Top 5 challenges for IT businesses in 2021


2021 has been another year of consistent change. It’s changed the way we work, with the pandemic causing a shift in the understanding of businesses and their considerations of employees and their lives. So what are the top challenges facing businesses as we close out 2021?

Workplace environments

The pandemic has raised concerns over safety in virus transmission in workplaces. With a false dawn in July/August 2020 there were increased transmission rates as regulations eased. Now with these restrictions easing once more off the back of a double round of vaccinations, it’s down to individual businesses to consider things such as PPE, seating plans and ongoing safety precautions such as masks and/or allowing those who choose to be unvaccinated to return to work.

Hosting requirements

It’s been some time since the beginning of the pandemic and now we're hopefully approaching the end, hosting requirements will be up for review. Initially there was a huge, seismic surge in businesses requiring improved capabilities, because people were working from home and in some cases the infrastructure wasn’t set up to handle it. Cloud hosting requirements increased by 125% and other elements such as data storage needed to be considered as people were putting more stress on older infrastructures. Now as we approach the end of 2021, with plasters being affixed to some networks, it could be the time to seriously think about how your current infrastructure meets your needs and whether your business could cope with that demand again, should the need arise.



Service is always an element that you should consider as paramount to your customers. Providing best in class support to your users is the difference between a good IT service and a great one. Customers demand a level of service that means their businesses are able to operate consistently and are able to adapt to rapid change. Whether your customers are digital agencies looking to host a new website for their clients, or financial services firms looking to improve their databases, providing them with the most flexible, yet exceptional service is important - now more than ever with the wealth of options available.


As time passes, storage increases. Obviously GDPR has changed the amount of time data can be held and for what reason, but as an ongoing concern, and as businesses increase in size, so do storage requirements. Considering this means that infrastructures should be built with the mindset that they are geared for rapid growth - often we’ve found that businesses operate very close to the edge of their capabilities. We’d recommend making sure that any changes to your customers, or your business can be handled with ease, instead of at the time causing issues. 


It’s no secret, users are a security weak point. They’re often the weakest element of any network due to human error. Ensuring that users operate at the height of security is imperative to ongoing business operation. This is why cloud hosting has also seen a rise in popularity, due to the encryption methods used on both ends when obtaining data between sources. It’s harder to hack a cloud network than an individual PC so it’s seen a rise in popularity due to the increased control and security over the network when users access apps and data via the cloud. This does of course come with additional concerns, such as correct password management and user interfaces being locked correctly and the inability to access areas unless authorised, but as stated – no longer is it a widespread issue where laptops are stolen and millions of data sources are obtained as a result.

To discuss any of the above points or to speak to us regarding hosting please do get in touch on 0161 492 1200.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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