Posted by Anna Nicholls on 05-Jun-2019 13:29:22

Welcome to CloudActiv, from TeleData

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We’re thrilled to have officially launched our new cloud hosting platform - CloudActiv, which we marked with an event at Great John Street Hotel Rooftop Garden in Manchester last week - thanks to everyone who joined us. We hope you're as excited about CloudActiv as we are!

We’ve designed CloudActiv to set a new standard in cloud, providing our customers with truly resilient cloud hosting and effective disaster recovery through constant, sub-millisecond replication of data between two identical platforms, in two separate UK locations. This means our customers can shelve complex DR plans, saving valuable time - and money.

Resilient, with automatic, seamless continuation of service in the event of an outage, is what we believe cloud should be - as standard - and we’re looking forward to seeing our customers reap the benefits of the new platform, which we’re pleased to be rolling out to clients with no additional fees for the increased levels of resilience. Every cloud hosted client will benefit from the new platform’s capabilities at no additional cost.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody that joined us at the event last week. We had lots of interesting conversations on the night, but if you have any questions about the platform, don’t forget you can check out our CloudActiv website here, or get in touch to chat to an expert.



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Written by Anna Nicholls