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We’ve got the power...

As a data centre, it’s our job to keep the lights on - no matter what. As customer requirements change and the load put upon our facility increases, it’s vital that we expand and improve to meet those demands. Downtime costs money after all, and downtime quite simply, isn’t an option.

So, we’re proud to introduce three new additions to our Manchester data centre facility…


These three brand new diesel power generators, installed by UK generator manufacturer - CPS Generators, are now fully operational, offering multi megawatt power generation capacity to support our infrastructure against mains power outages. 


We’ve grown in size of late, through an expansion project that has seen one new data centre come online already, with another new data hall due to be ready in the spring. Increased load, means increased power, which means a requirement for increased resilience. 

So how do they work? Well in the highly unlikely event of a mains power failure the generators, along with our existing battery backup systems will be called upon to seamlessly protect all our customer’s power, providing enough fuel on-site to sustain protection for an extended period of time - twenty thousand litres of it, in fact. 

What’s even better about these generators is the advanced, automated synchronisation that balances the electrical load between the three generators and reacts fast in the event of failure of any of the individual engines – transferring power to the other engines without risk of power loss; thanks to Vital Power who have designed and built a bespoke connection panel that links to four changeover panels within the data centre.

In the event of a mains power failure our existing UPS systems would take the majority of the load for a period, allowing the generators to start, stabilise and intelligently accept the controlled transfer of the load of the site in a gradual manner to ensure a smooth transition. This guarantees zero downtime, and complete business continuity for our clients.

Through the implementation of sophisticated control systems, which integrate with our multiple changeover panels, we can dictate a staged transfer of the site’s electrical load onto the new generators, reducing the potential for individual generator failure and therefore improving the resilience of our data centre facility during main power loss situations. 

Even our new fuel tank has intelligence built into it - conditioning the huge amount of fuel daily with self cleaning, filtering and stirring features built in! This may sound frivolous, but data centres have been caught out before with badly maintained fuel that’s been sat in the bulk tank for years - not what you need to be feeding the generators when you’re relying on them to support the site for an unknown period of time.  

Clever hey!

If you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing to protect our customer’s applications, data and online presence from the damaging effects of downtime, why not get in touch with the team for a chat, or read about our up and coming expansion plans here

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Anna Nicholls

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