Posted by Anna Nicholls on 07-Oct-2019 11:57:42

What are the business benefits of colocation?


Colocation is a great way for a business to increase the resilience, security and agility of its network. Colo data centres are facilities which enable businesses to rent space for their servers, and maximise upon their resources, resulting in improved network performance across the board. Typically, the colocation facility provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security, while the customer provides servers and storage.

While colocation is a great option for businesses of all sizes, it often gives smaller businesses the ability to expand infrastructure capacity and maximize enterprise level technologies, without the associated capital expenditure. 

Here are our top 5 business benefits of colocation.

  1. Better connectivity
    A carrier neutral data centre will allow you to connect your rack and equipment to all major network providers, internet exchange points and UK data centre locations. Fully redundant network connections mean business critical apps remain up and running - uninterrupted.

  2. Improved security
    Biometric access controls, virtual tripwires, visitor turnstiles and man-traps, full-height perimeter fencing, VESDA fire protection… can you say the same about your on-premise servers?

  3. Greater redundancy
    Colocation data centres feed directly off the National Grid, through multiple grids with redundancy through generators and battery backups. At TeleData, our 2(N+N) UPS redundancy is unrivalled in the region, and standby diesel generation can provide power for at least 100 hours in the event of an extended mains outage.

  4. Seamless scalability
    Colocation gives businesses the flexibility to burst to higher bandwidth levels to accommodate traffic demand, without capital investments. Scale up and down quickly, with reduced bandwidth costs due to distributed data spikes.

  5. Closer to cloud
    If you’re on a journey to the cloud, colo takes you one step closer. The transition to the cloud is smoother from an existing off-premise infrastructure, especially if links to the cloud are already in existence. 

Our Manchester data centre facility, Delta House, offers some of the most advanced security features, levels of resilience and connectivity choices of any UK colocation provider.

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Written by Anna Nicholls