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Posted by Anna Nicholls on 30-Apr-2021 13:26:43

What is hosted desktop?


A hosted desktop, sometimes called a virtual desktop, uses virtualisation to create a local desktop instance which is delivered to users remotely, via the internet. In essence, it works in the same way as a standard desktop computer, but the operating system, applications and data are stored on servers in a data centre, rather than stored on the computer’s hard drive. From the end user’s perspective, nothing changes. They simply boot up their computers and access everything they need to do their jobs. 

The obvious benefit to this, is that users can work from anywhere with an internet connection, boosting both productivity and business agility. And while businesses that were forced to move to a home working model during the coronavirus pandemic have benefitted greatly from these types of solutions, that isn’t where the benefit ends. Remote working for travel, commuting or work-life balance flexibility and even as part of a business continuity or disaster recovery plan, can all be made simple with a hosted desktop solution. It simply means that should the need, or want, arise your team can work from any where, saving lost hours.


Hosted desktop solutions are also a great way to achieve compliance. IT teams can control every aspect of their information security, no matter what device staff are logging on from, making BYOD policies easy to maintain and guaranteeing security and compliance. With a secure, stable and standardised workstation for every employee, instant remote working capabilities can keep teams securely connected to critical resources around the clock.

Teledata’s hosted desktop solution - CloudDesks - is an ultra secure and scalable remote desktop platform that’s delivered from your own bespoke private cloud environment. That means no shared hardware or resource - so no chance of over-contention between multiple customers on the same shared platform. With automatic failover in the event of any hardware issue, CloudDesks guarantees anytime, anyplace access which not only improves day to day efficiencies, but it also delivers instant disaster recovery and business continuity for workers, providing you with peace of mind across the board.

To find out how a hosted desktop solution could help your business, or to learn more about Teledata CloudDesks, get in touch with our team today. 

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Anna Nicholls

Written by Anna Nicholls

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