Posted by Matt Edgley on 11-May-2020 12:53:00

What I've learnt from lockdown


Covid 19 and the unprecedented times it’s brought with it, has given us all some time to think. We’ve been forced into making changes that we might otherwise not even have thought about - especially when it comes to business. The way that teams work together, has quite possibly changed forever now, and despite the fact that people have been waxing lyrical about building a team and a culture for a long time - indeed for many businesses, it’s been a key part of their marketing messages - a global pandemic has shown us whether we really did that, or if we just paid lip service to it.  

At TeleData, the way we have seamlessly moved to a remote working methodology, with some key workers still attending the site to keep things going, shows that as a business, and as a team, we have done this effectively. Companies that were only playing at it, or just using the team culture methodology to create some fluffy marketing nonsense, without actually building a culture of mutual respect between all team members, may now be realising why it is actually, so very, very important.

Autocracy is dead, and if it isn’t then your business could be. We’ve long taken the route of employing managers to do a job, and having the confidence in them do it. To run their team, to instil their methods (that you employed them for in the first place) and to interface and communicate well with other departments as necessary, without dictating to them how it all had to be done. In a situation like this it pays real dividends, because each departmental manager knows exactly how to modify their own team’s working methods to fit the wider adapted working requirements. If you’ve a culture of micromanagement and a lack of trust, then as a business leader or manager you will have been going through control-freak hell for the last month or so while key members of staff will have been trying to conduct their jobs to the best of their ability, with fear and uncertainty in the back of their minds.

Working from home is absolutely an effective way of working – again, with the right team members. The constructive work that we have seen at TeleData over the past few weeks has been astounding – we’ll be returning to whatever normal is with new products, new customers, a new brand and a happy customer base that has been supported through a very difficult period.  Not a day has been wasted and we’ve immediately switched to those things that would ordinarily have taken months to implement.

Communication is the most important thing in business and having established communication methods within an effective business continuity plan is absolutely critical – not just with customers, but with each other. Yes, everyone has learned how to use Zoom and Teams recently – but why is this new to some businesses? Why was this not part of an established and well tested plan? How much time was lost adopting new technologies when, let's be honest, webchat and video conferencing has been around for decades!?

For many businesses, there will be a new normal once this is all over. For us, i’m pleased to say that our “normal” has performed exceedingly well, and we know how fortunate we are when so many other businesses have had to suffer disruption. But for business owners whose companies have also performed well under these pressures, many will be coming to the realisation that work isn’t just a place we go to, it’s something that we do, and we’re lucky that technology has enabled us to carry on with business as usual during challenging times. Had Covid-19 struck 20 years ago, it would have been a very, very different story. 

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