Posted by Matt Edgley on 31-Mar-2020 11:28:10

What TeleData is doing to ensure continuation of service during the Covid-19 outbreak


As a data centre, ensuring business continuity and continuation of service is part and parcel of what we do. The Covid-19 outbreak has brought about unprecedented times and huge changes to the world of work. We are also seeing traffic spikes as the population moves to home working, home schooling and the use of streaming services increases. So here’s what we’re doing to ensure that our data centre continues to run seamlessly.

Disaster Recovery

It’s business as usual for us here. Our DR plans are tested regularly and have now been put into place to ensure continuation of service over the coming weeks. We have had to make significant changes to the number of staff on site, but response times remain as fast as they have ever been, and no single service has suffered - back office or front line. Please note that all contact details remain the same, your calls may just be routed to homeworkers for the time being. 

We are in a good position due to the fact that our data centre has never been reliant on personal interaction, and our entire building can be operated remotely, if required - even security protocols such as CCTV, audio challenge, remote access management and operation of doors. This means that we naturally minimise face-to-face contact and will suffer no interruption of service due to any current restrictions or changes. 

Reduced footfall on-site
No visitors are allowed on-site at Delta House currently, and customers have been asked to limit data centre attendance to essential maintenance only. There are no face-to-face meetings and all non-critical site staff are working remotely. Shared facilities such as hotdesk work areas and shared kitchens are closed.

Essential maintenance only
Only business critical change requests are being put through. Non-essential maintenance will not take place at present, in order to reduce any risk of downtime. Critical maintenance will take place out of hours, and customers will be informed in the usual way. Plans are in place with critical suppliers to ensure everything is maintained to usual schedules and standards, but within the defined social distancing guidelines.

As ever, our business critical support team is available on-site to be hands and eyes for any customer support requests. We would be pleased to assist in any way that we can, to avoid unnecessary travel to site by your employees. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, and this puts us in a good position to offer additional support to any company that requires it. 

Reduced term cloud server contracts
In the current climate, we understand that the demand for businesses to establish secure, emergency remote infrastructures for their home workers is critical. With this in mind, we have shortened the length of our cloud server contracts to 1 month*, to assist businesses with continuity planning and continuation of service.

If you would like to discuss options further to establish how we may be able to help your business at this time, please contact us on 0161 498 1200 or

*Offer limited to end users. Resellers please contact us to discuss specific requirements.