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Posted by Dan on 17-Jun-2021 11:43:42

Where does cloud hosting fit into your mix?


We’ve noticed over the last year, more businesses have started to integrate elements of cloud hosting into their solutions – but is it time to shift everything into the cloud or is that a step too far?

Assess your needs
It’s no secret that businesses can feel “secure” in their current solutions and some business owners can be reluctant to spend money when it comes to new technology. But with the last 18 months bringing so many challenges to the fore, it could be time to look at the current solutions and reassess whether your cloud hosting solution is meeting your requirements. Whether you’re hosting apps in the cloud or you’ve got virtual machines, it could be worth looking at the scalability of your current solution, as cloud hosting gives a far greater range of options to consider moving forward.

How demanding is your current hosting?
If you’re not running at capacity it’s always worthwhile considering what would happen if you were. The changes that the pandemic demanded of businesses, not just in the UK, but globally, have resulted in a number of unforeseen circumstances such as increased traffic to websites, increased connectivity demands and new challenges for home working. As a business you may be looking at your current solution and it seems like you’ve got the capacity to grow, but with cloud hosting you don’t need to worry – your physical hardware isn’t a concern so you can cope with the demands that a volatile environment can throw at you.


Technology shifts at an incredible rate
Physical hardware will always have its own merits. It’s something that you as a business owner can put your name to, but consistently updating your processors and ensuring that your equipment is physically in great shape can be labour intensive. Colocation is always an option (and something we do very well here at Teledata) but with cloud hosting, that manual labour is removed due to the implementation of a cloud data centre that mimics the physical environment.

Enhanced resilience
Cloud hosting provides users with a much more resilient solutions – if physical hardware fails or there’s a power outage then in most cases it’s lights out. If you’re using cloud hosting then this impact is reduced due to the ability to shift to another server should this happen. At Teledata we provide enhanced resilience with 2(N+N) power availability. We offer the same for our colocation customers, but knowing that kind of resilience is available for cloud servers, is a big positive and will give you peace of mind that should the worst happen, then it’s business as usual.

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Written by Dan

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