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Posted by Matt Edgley on 25-Mar-2021 13:04:33

Why power matters

You may have seen our recent announcements about multiple projects undertaken at Teledata to improve the power resilience of our infrastructure. These projects have been necessary to support our expansion - a bigger site requires a bigger back up! This provides our customers with peace of mind that their servers will have 100% uptime, but how does it work?

N+N UPS redundancy

The first step in redundancy is our N+N UPS systems which provide a seamless power supply in the unlikely event that the mains should fail. These operate as follows... there are two batteries per configuration which are permanently charged by our 2MW incoming power feed and kept topped up at all times. The batteries are configured in a pair to provide failover for each other should either one of them fail. If there is a mains failure, they will be called upon to protect the power load until the generators have fully kicked in and taken over.


“N+N” means that there is always twice as much protection as we need available. This means that if the power fails, then the servers keep running and our clients don’t lose any business as a result. The batteries are kept in a different location to the server rooms too, to mitigate risk even further.

Diesel generators

In the highly unlikely event of an extended issue with power supply, we also have three diesel generators as backup. Only two are needed, with a third available in case of failure, hence “N+1”. Upon mains power loss, the UPS batteries take the load immediately and without interruption, and this gives the diesel generators the time to start and stabilise, to the point of providing a consistent power flow into the data centre before they take over supply completely and charge the UPS batteries up again.


With three generators and a 20,000l fuel tank, Teledata is able to sustain power and charge the UPS batteries on an ongoing basis. By ensuring a consistent flow of power into the data centre we have ample time to investigate the source of the power outage and provide information to our clients. Our clients rely heavily on their servers being online 24/7/365 so we have to ensure that the power stays on, no matter what. We’ve implemented this technology across all four of our data halls and will continue to provide our clients with the best resilience and failover technologies.

For more information about our resilience or to discuss anything else then please do get in touch.

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