Posted by Anna Nicholls on 28-Sep-2020 12:43:30

Work from home, if you can. But CAN you?

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With the government advising employees to work from home, if they can, to help with the fight against covid-19, we’re taking a look at how businesses can harness this opportunity and use remote working to their advantage.

In 2019, The State of Remote Work Report cited that 78% of the 2500 remote workers surveyed used their home as their primary work location. However despite statistics such as this, there are some common misconceptions around remote working that have led to businesses and employees alike, being reluctant to adopt. 

Businesses leaders worry about security, productivity and the negative impact of a disparate workforce. Employees worry about a disconnect from their colleagues, missing the buzz of the office and relationship building. And while it’s true that long term home working doesn’t necessarily work well for all businesses, or indeed all industries, it’s important - now more than ever - that companies understand how to use remote work to their advantage, overcoming obstacles to make the best of what isn’t necessarily a bad situation, but could actually be an opportunity.

Remote working brings significant advantages to both businesses and employees. It creates a flexibility never seen before in the world of work, bringing improved work-life balance to employees, and business agility on a global scale. Technology brings dispersed workforces together, while allowing centralised teams to disperse, and the benefits are just as far reaching - for both employers and employees.

  • Better work-life balance
  • Less time spent commuting
  • Increased productivity
  • Less office stress
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Improved employee retention
  • More autonomous employees
  • Lower costs
  • Better use of technology
  • Reduced salaries
  • Attract a wider pool of talent 
  • Centralised IT 

Throughout lockdown, we saw the world embrace the likes of platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to maintain business continuity while offices were closed. In some instances, these platforms were actually inundated with the sheer amount of usage and both experienced outages. If periods of remote working are going to be part of this “new normal” - whether that be through local or national lockdowns or simply through employees or departments needing to isolate, it’s important that businesses have in place a robust and reliable approach to remote working, rather than just hoping the technology works on a wing and a prayer.

If you haven’t done so already, act now to ensure that your remote working infrastructure will provide business continuity in whichever situation the next 6 months throws at us. 

Hosted desktop solutions are a great way to achieve both continuity and compliance and can help your teams to stay productive, wherever they’re working. TeleData’s own hosted desktop solution - CloudDesks - is an ultra secure and scalable remote desktop platform that’s delivered from your own bespoke private cloud environment. That means no shared hardware or resource - so no chance of over-contention between multiple customers on the same shared platform. With automatic failover in the event of any hardware issue, CloudDesks guarantees anytime, anyplace access around the clock. This not only improves your day to day efficiencies, but it also delivers instant disaster recovery and business continuity for your key workers, providing you with peace of mind across the board.

With TeleData CloudDesks you can control every aspect of your information security, no matter what device your staff are logging on from, making BYOD policies easy to maintain and guaranteeing security and compliance. With a secure, stable and standardised workstation for every employee, instant remote working capabilities keep your teams securely connected to critical resources around the clock. 

And this brings peace of mind in an era of uncertainty. Knowing that your employees have a secure, reliable way to work from home just as productively (if not more productively) than they would do in the office. 

To find out more about CloudDesks, visit the webpage here or call 0161 498 1200 for more details.

Written by Anna Nicholls