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Posted by Dan Akister on 11-Feb-2022 11:20:55

Working with MSPs - what does your provider, provide?


When you work closely with a provider, whether it's colocation or cloud hosting, it’s important to know what you’re getting and how you can strengthen that relationship. At Teledata we specialise in working with MSPs and have a good idea of how we can best work together effectively .

Present your challenges early
Your data centre provider will try their best to help overcome any challenges when they happen, but making them aware as early as possible that there are issues with the current setup (whether it’s bandwidth or storage, or maybe the servers themselves need better monitoring because of their age/heat output) will make it easier for your provider to forward plan and respond accordingly. The good providers will know what to expect and thus make your life easier as an MSP. It goes hand-in-hand with great service, but something your provider should “provide” is the peace of mind that they’re ready to step in if needed.

Resilience, resilience, resilience
Knowing that any downtime for your clients is bad, your provider should have as much resilience as possible. It sounds like a given at this point, but with recent energy shortages and the mention of “brown outs” it’s important that your provider really does have as much resilience contingency as possible to ensure the continued operation of your clients’ business. At Teledata we provide 100% uptime, namely due to our 2N+N resilience structure whereby we have batteries that consistently charge during the day that are on-hand to step in should mains power fail - together with backup generators powered by external fuel sources in the event of any prolonged outages. This means the MSPs we work with are well aware that if there are any issues that could affect the main power grid, Teledata has it covered. This should be a considerable factor in determining who you work together with.


Being conscious and always moving forward
Providers often rest on their laurels and chug along. Not here at Teledata. We’re continually investing in both our data centre and the energy sources by which it’s powered. We have a new building coming soon as well as fuel cell technology that will revolutionise the way we provide power to our clients and the MSPs we work with. These aren’t things that our clients have asked us to provide – it’s a natural evolution of what a provider should be doing. Giving our clients the ability to go to their customers and let them know the energy they’ll be using for their infrastructure is clean, efficient energy will give them not only something interesting to talk about, but also means that they could be regarded as being energy conscious without being forced to do things themselves internally to meet government regulations.

To find out more about what we provide to our MSPs or how we can work together directly, please fill in our form or call us on 0161 498 1200.

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Dan Akister

Written by Dan Akister

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