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The new standard in cloud hosting...

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Active-Active VMware® cloud hosting with built-in disaster recovery — as standard

CloudActiv is TeleData’s dual-site cloud hosting platform. Built by our cloud specialists and hosted in our Manchester data centre, CloudActiv uses VMware vSAN stretched cluster technology to provide constant, sub-millisecond replication between two identical platforms, in two separate UK locations.

With automatic failover and an RTO/RPO of near zero, CloudActiv gives you built-in disaster recovery — as standard.

It's Active-Active, out of the box, meaning you can shelve the complex disaster recovery plans you would otherwise need to implement in the event of a site failure. And because we own and manage the data centre, we can guarantee the uptime.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Built-in Disaster Recovery — as standard


Industry standard VMware® vSAN technology


Sub-millisecond dual-site replication


Privately owned, independent data centre

Save money, gain peace of mind

CloudActiv removes the considerable time, effort and cost required to configure separate platforms to achieve effective disaster recovery for your business-critical data and applications. There’s no network reconfiguration required in the event of a failover. You don’t even need to hit a switch. Just automatic, seamless continuation of service.

No matter how simple or complex your infrastructure requirements, we've got you covered. CloudActiv is Active-Active, out of the box, from day one.

TeleData’s CloudActiv platform gives you:

  • Host failover between sites for VMs
  • vSAN stretched cluster technology
  • Geographically separate locations that can operate independently
  • Backups at a secondary location
  • Storage failover between sites
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • No IP reconfiguration in the event of failover
  • Dual 10GB inter-site connectivity
  • RTO/RPO of near zero
  • Customer portal

Forget about building, managing, and paying for two separate platforms

Cloud Data Centres, Cloud Servers and Backups

CloudActiv customer portal — designed by us, with you in mind

The CloudActiv Customer Portal allows users to deploy and modify their own infrastructures 24/7 through self provisioning for a truly bespoke and scalable cloud solution; while integrated backup gives peace of mind and full billing visibility provides greater transparency.

Benefits available to CloudActiv customers through the customer portal include:

  • Custom portal branding for resellers
  • Self provisioning for new infrastructures and upgrades
  • Integrated billing
  • Integrated backup management
  • Simplified interface
  • Ongoing pre-recorded webinars and support tutorials

CloudActiv has been designed with our customers in mind. A truly flexible system that offers better performance metrics, true scalability and cloud mobility — for both customers and resellers.

It’s our cloud, your way.

Don't just take our word for it...

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