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Private Enterprise Cloud

If you’re looking for a larger scale solution than the norm, Teledata offer best-in-class solutions to fit your business.

Expertise — with real-world experience

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies to get their cloud solution right first time. Internal demand on the scale required at an enterprise level can be a daunting challenge, but Teledata have the experience and the facilities to ensure your Enterprise Cloud is the very best it can be.


CloudActiv™ dual-site resilience


Built on VMware® technology

Dedicated custom deployments

Self-service flexibility


Expert in-house support

Trusted by the biggest brands

Through VMware®, Teledata are able to provide you the solution to ensure your business has the flexibility and mobility within your cloud hardware and software to meet your demands. Private Enterprise Cloud offers datacentre virtualisation and automation with self-service cloud with performance detection.

Meeting every challenge of large scale deployments

In a changing environment with higher demand on cloud services, businesses on a large scale can find moving to the cloud daunting. Teledata have implemented solutions for large businesses, globally that had that very same challenge. Accelerating the delivery of your IT services, at scale across a new environment is something all businesses are facing. Ensuring 100% uptime and 100% performance with our new 2N–2N failover and Active-Active resilience, Teledata offer the most robust and flexible Cloud Platform of any provider in the UK.

A premium data centre home, with every resource at your disposal

As we host our Enterprise Cloud platform in the most secure datacentre in the UK, you get all the physical advantages while also maintaining the very best in VMware based private cloud at an enterprise scale, maintained around the clock by our in-house team. Offering private hardware, this means there are no shared resources, with instant disaster recovery, reduced cost of ownership and an unlimited capacity for growth.

Let's talk...

Speak to us today to see how we can help you, as we have other large-scale businesses across the UK through our Teledata owned infrastructure and custom built networks with dedicated firewalls, switches and routers. We also provide consumption based on commercial models for flexibility.