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CloudActiv™ Private Cloud

The resilience of Active-Active cloud, with the security of dedicated hardware. Our cloud, your way.

High performance, resilient, dedicated cloud

TeleData's CloudActiv Private Cloud brings all the advantages and flexibility of the cloud, but with dedicated hardware, professional hosting and ultimate Active-Active resilience built-in.

Our private cloud solution is delivered to you as a completely bespoke, single tenanted VMware® platform, designed and built with the successful and secure performance of your business-critical applications and data as a priority.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Instant Disaster Recovery

Secure Private Environment

Secure Private Environment

Dedicated custom deployments

Dedicated custom deployments

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduced Cost of Ownership

All your bases covered, with the best of both worlds

Hosted within our Home Office approved, ISO27001 data centre, you get all the physical advantages of maximum security and technical resilience, together with the cloud benefits of flexible virtual machines, unlimited growth capacity and remotely supported equipment and infrastructure – maintained around the clock by our dedicated in-house team of experts.

CloudActiv Private - Private Cloud from TeleData

CloudActiv Private Cloud: features and benefits

  • A dedicated platform designed to maximise your business applications
  • Instant disaster recovery and business continuity options
  • Private hardware means no shared resources
  • Multiple hosts with capacity reserved for failover
  • Dedicated, non-shared rack space within our Tier 3 data centre
  • Dual site Active-Active configuration available
  • Custom built networks with dedicated firewalls, switches and routers
  • Unlimited capacity for growth
  • Consumption based commercial models
  • CapEx to OpEx running costs; pay monthly and reduced cost of ownership
  • 24/7 support included
  • Robust, secure and scalable
  • TeleData owned infrastructure
  • Instant disaster recovery
  • Secure private environment
  • Anytime, anyplace access
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Built and designed for you

Your CloudActiv Private Cloud environment will be built by our team of certified VMware cloud experts and designed around your specific requirements. How we build this for you, depends entirely on the applications you're running and the results you are looking to achieve from your data. Capacity is taken care of by us, so scale and growth ability is always guaranteed.

The Ultimate home from home for your data

Because we own and operate the data centres, we can also assure the stability of your platform’s underlying foundations. We look after everything from the power supply and cooling systems, to the physical security.

Our ISO27001 Tier 3 data centre facility in Manchester is one of the most secure, resilient and well-connected data centres in the UK. Our Security and Operations Control Centre means that we are the only data centre globally, with an NSI Gold Approved BS5979 security centre on-site.

Continually improving our failover (offering 2N+2N resilience) we can provide you with the very best option when looking for private cloud hosting.

Total, centralised control

With TeleData’s private cloud solutions, you can control every aspect of your information security, no matter where your staff are connecting from, making BYOD policies easy to maintain and guaranteeing security and compliance.

Rest easy

Private cloud solutions from TeleData not only improve your day to day efficiencies, but also deliver instant disaster recovery and business continuity for your workers and customers, providing you with peace of mind across the board.

Meaning you can focus on what you do best, while we deliver the technology to power your business forward.

Let's talk...

For the ultimate in security, resilience, capacity and performance, speak to a specialist about TeleData CloudActiv™ Private Cloud on 0161 498 1200 or use the form below to send us a message.