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Data centre connectivity at Delta House, Manchester

When you host your equipment with TeleData, you're hosting your equipment within one of the best-connected carrier-neutral data centres in the UK.

Carrier-neutral connectivity for optimal performance, service and price

When it comes to carrier-neutral connectivity, Delta House leaves other data centres in the region standing. We offer access to all the major network providers, including Level3, Century Link, Vodafone, Cogent, GTT, Hibernia Atlantic, Virgin Media, BT, IX Reach and many more – using multiple ducts and fibre entry points into our facility.

This means we can offer you complete flexibility, and you’re free to choose from a wide range of carriers competing on performance, service and price.

We also operate our own fibre network between various high profile data centre locations across the UK, so if your performance requirements are high, you can rely on instant access to high-capacity service provision.

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Internet transit

With a wide range of IP transit and network providers available on-site, we can offer you the flexibility to scale your network from 1 Mbps through to multiple 10 Gbps connections.

Whether you take your internet connection from TeleData or from one of the many Tier 1 or Tier 2 providers that have established a point-of-presence in Delta House, you can expect diversity, resilience, unbeatable performance and unlimited capacity — not to mention, cost benefits due to the competitive network marketplace within our data centre.

Wavelengths and P2P ethernet circuits

TeleData and a variety of other on-site providers can provide extensive wavelength and point-to-point high capacity ethernet services to connect our customers to other data centres nationwide, with high capacity circuits offering the ultimate in low latency and the highest levels of performance.

Leased lines

Connect your office location directly to your equipment within the data centre over a dedicated, private leased line. With the likes of BT, Vodafone, Virgin Media and a range of other leased-line providers available in Delta House, the options are limitless.

Wireless connectivity

The roof of Delta House provides unrestricted, 360-degree line of sight around central Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport, Warrington and the surrounding areas, delivering an exceptional level of wireless connectivity for our customers to use as an alternative, backup or additional method of connecting to our data centre.

Internet exchange connections

From Delta House, you can connect directly into regional and national internet exchange points such as IX Manchester, LINX and LONAP to improve the latency and performance of your network — exchanging traffic with and utilising routes of leading network names in the industry.

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