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As TD2 filled to capacity, we received a request from one of the world's leading social media providers to build them a data centre within our facility.



It's all a secret!

While we're unable to divulge any information regarding who this client is, we can certainly discuss the challenges we faced together and how we then developed our third data centre — TD3. Tasked with providing a full data centre solution to a business that scales the entire globe was a challenge, given that we had maxed out our existing capacity.

Rising to the challenge

To meet the requirements, we earmarked space on the floors above our existing infrastructure, but we had to make some changes to the building itself in order to turn this space into a data hall — something which was made possible thanks to the fact that we own and manage the entire building. Due to the size and scope of the required build, we removed areas of the external walls to allow our construction teams to lift the equipment and kit in by crane. As such, we also had to rethink our cooling solution for the servers and the provision of the power required.

Meeting requirements and ongoing relationships

By providing the social media giant with a custom built data centre, we proved our flexibility when it comes to meeting client requirements. This project elevated us to global status and proves that we are willing and able to do whatever it takes to meet customer’s specific bespoke requirements. We enjoy a fantastic relationship with all the companies that we work together with, due to our ongoing commitment to partnership.

Book a data centre tour

While we're unable to give you a virtual tour of TD3 due to client confidentiality, our newest data centre, TD4 is currently undergoing the final stages of completion and TD5 is under construction. We'd be delighted to show you around. Fill in the form below or call us on 0161 428 1200.