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And find out how to choose a cloud or colocation data centre that meets the most demanding security and compliance requirements.

Data centre security checklistWant to be sure your data centre won’t fall short of your firm’s compliance or auditing requirements, or put your customers’ most sensitive data at risk of compromise?

Download our free data centre security checklist and we’ll show you how to assess a data centre with the same diligence and attention to detail as a seasoned security professional. You'll learn to look at factors like:

  • What a data centre’s accreditations tell you – and what they don’t
  • What security controls to look for, from perimeter fence to rack
  • Why security personnel on the front desk may be a security risk

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Matt Edgley

About the Author

Matt Edgley - Group Commercial Director

A data centre professional with in-depth knowledge of key data centre locations and colocation providers across the UK and Europe, Matt's areas of expertise include hosting, colocation, IT security, telecommunications, data centres, business partnerships, networking, carriers, channel management, cloud and managed services.