Posted by Anna Nicholls on 28-Jan-2020 08:36:59

New year, new roles for Dan and Dean...

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Congratulations to our colleagues Dean and Dan, who have both kick-started 2020 being promoted into new roles. 

Dean began his post-university work life with 1st Easy as a Technical Support Engineer in 2012. Since the TeleData acquisition, his role has grown naturally from supporting customers in a crucial, largely helpdesk role, to making a real business difference in the way the company utilises technology to become much more efficient and effective on a day to day basis; having a positive effect on both our team’s daily work methods and our customers’ experience. The recent development of our CloudActiv platform, for example, allows us to offer something unique in a very competitive marketplace.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dean has been promoted from Hosted Infrastructure Manager to Head of Technology.

Dan joined 1st Easy as Systems Administrator and was promoted to Support Manager in 2015. TeleData acquired 1st Easy in 2016, and Dan has been with us ever since. We’re delighted to announce that January sees Dan promoted from Support Manager to Head of Service Delivery.

In Dan’s three years with TeleData, not only has he managed, grown and mentored our support team, but he has also taken on the responsibility of ensuring other key processes and client services are as streamlined and as customer focused as they possibly can be – always right and always on-time.  

TeleData acquired 1st Easy as much for the quality of their staff as anything else; and Dan and Dean are both glowing examples of how right we were to do this.

Best of luck to you both in your new roles, and thank you for all of your hard work.

Written by Anna Nicholls