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Further Enhanced Air-Con Resilience

Increased Resilience to TD1 Air Conditioning |

During July we undertook a project to increase resilience to the TD1 data centre Air Conditioning systems.

Within Delta House, TeleData clients benefit from two independent sides to the electrical power distribution system; involving independent LV panels, independent N+N UPS pairs, independent changeover panels and independent power distribution boards for both the A and B side.

We are one of very few data centres in the North West to offer this level of power diversity within the data centre.

Previously all Air Conditioning in the TD1 data hall was fed by one side of the data centre power distribution system, as historically the second, resilient side did not exist (prior to the opening of TD2).

This is no longer the case – by installing an additional dedicated distribution board fed by side B of the internal power distribution system and then migrating 50% of the Air Conditioning units onto this board the supply to cooling in this data hall is now split between sides A and B.

What this means is that should either side of the power distribution board suffer any interruption in supply then only 50% of the Air Conditioning units will lose power temporarily.  In such an event, on site diesel generation will take over supply to these units within a minute of power being lost, but in doing this work we have now delivered optimum resilience to this part of our critical infrastructure

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