Posted by Anna Nicholls on 12-Jun-2019 15:39:37

TeleData Sets a New Standard in Cloud Hosting


Manchester data centre operator TeleData UK Ltd, has officially launched its new cloud hosting platform - CloudActiv - with an event held at Great John Street Hotel Rooftop Garden in Manchester.

Joined by over 50 guests, the firm announced that its new platform would be made available to both new and existing customers, and that it will not be charging any additional fees for the increased levels of resilience. Every cloud hosted client will benefit from the new platform’s capabilities at no additional cost.

TeleData invested a six figure sum into the CloudActiv platform, which provides customers with truly resilient cloud hosting and effective disaster recovery of business-critical data and applications.

Using Active-Active technology, TeleData’s solution has seen the firm extend its public cloud platform over multiple data centres to provide constant sub-millisecond replication of data between two identical platforms. Active-Active architecture eliminates the risk of downtime by making it possible for customer’s data to be served from separate, synchronised hosting environments at any given time.

This delivers immediate ‘active-active’ failover to protect customers against any full-site data centre outage, providing built-in, automatic disaster recovery and removing the expense and complications of building and managing separate standby environments. This means that if one hosting location goes down, another instantly takes over so that a customer’s business critical resources remain up and running, without any disruption of service.

Commenting on the launch, TeleData Commercial Director Matthew Edgley said; “We’re taking significant steps to make the TeleData cloud one of the most resilient platforms on the market. Many providers today rely on a single data centre location, or second site options at significant extra cost, but this is usually far from the seamless solution that we believe cloud users should expect.

“We feel a steadfast responsibility to offer maximum uptime as standard, rather than as a configurable option at an increased price point, continuing to make us the go-to technical and commercial choice for business-critical cloud hosting”.

TeleData UK is Manchester’s only premium, independently owned data centre, providing enterprise class data centre and cloud hosting solutions to businesses across the UK.




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Written by Anna Nicholls